By the lakeside of Huzhou University, I looked left and right and nobody was by my side. I drew closer to the lake and seated on one of the beauty stones surrounding the lake. I told myself, this is nature enjoy it.

Whiles seated on the stone, I saw myself in the water. Great thoughts and memories started occupying my mind. Tears rolled from my Cheeks down to my Chin. The most beautiful thing in life is memories about the wonderful things you experienced in the past. They are feelings, joy, moments and laughter.

Lo and behold, I saw the revelation of nature. The beautiful flowers around the lake put a smile on my face. The fresh air coming from the flowers filled my heart with joy. The fragrance from these beautiful multicolored flowers erased my worries. “Oh, my soul rejoices!

As I was day dreaming, I heard a melodious voice saying “Ni hao”. The vibration of this angelic voice pierced through my heart like an arrow. This awesome feeling made me turn around. Wow! There comes a beautiful Chinese damsel. She is the queen of beauty and the only joy and happiness a man can ever have in his lifetime. Her eyes dazzled like the brightest Star twinkling at the dawn. Her unquestioned body shape reminds me of the ancient queen of Sheba. My heart was filled with sorrow as she was gradually getting out of my sight. I never wanted my memories about her to fade away. I felt like chasing her shadows.

As I wander around the lakeside with sorrow, I looked unto the skies and saw the birds flying across the lake. The glorious sound from the birds sparked my memories again. I began to feel warmth in my heart.

Whiles embracing the beauty of the lake, I walked passionately to the wooden bridge. Besides the bridge, I gazed on the University’s black Swans. I quickly plucked a leaf and threw it in the water. As the leaf floats on the water, they swam towards its direction. This magnificent moment reminded me of the honeymoon by newly married couple.

This scintillating moment was further sparked as I heard someone whisper my name. The voice sounded like an Arabic Prince on a horseback. Surprisingly, it was my good friend Sofyan. He was comfortably seated in the University’s Coffee Shop. His eyes dazzled like Diamonds. He said, “my friend come and have a coffee with me”. Seated quietly on the table, a lot of good memories ran through our minds. Out from his mouth was courageous and wise sayings. His words were valuable than a refined Gold. It reminded me of the first day I met my grandfather.

My eyes flashed on an African drum as we were departing the shop. I pounced on it like a cat grabbing a mouse. With my hands magnetized to it, I drummed to the acme of perfection. Everyone in the shop was moved by the sweet sound made by the drum.
The night was falling, an indication that it was time to bring my wonderful memories to an end. As I was departing the lakeside, I never took my eyes off the water. I was humbled by calmness of the lake, as I drew inspiration from it. With a joyous heart, I said ” Zàijiàn “.


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