Life offers us two choices; success or failure. Your success or failure will depend on the kind of risks you took in life. Death did not allow a lot of great men achieve their ambitions. Time will always be man’s greatest limitation. Therefore, risk taking is a key to the realization of one’s dream on earth.
If you have achieved all that you planned, it means you did not plan enough. Greatness is not measured by what you have already achieved, but what you intend to achieve. Progress does not come by being busy or working all day. Instead, it comes as a result of the sacrifices we make in our daily life. Each sacrifice comes with a prize, and the prize is risk taking.
“Take risks as long as you breathe.” – Ibrahim S. Emmanuel   
“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein
Work hard, persevere and let your ambitions be the driving force towards the fulfilment of your dreams. Take risks! The time is now!
The Positive Mind; Unlimiting Our Limitations!
Ibrahim S. Emmanuel

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  1. Solomon says:

    Great Piece


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