Johnny was eight years old when his parents passed away through a car accident. The family members of his parents comforted Johnny and gave him hope. They promised to take good care of him and provide all his needs. Few months after the funeral rite of Johnny’s parents, the relatives pounced on their properties and abandoned Johnny. As time pass by, life became tougher and complicated for Johnny. Anytime he visits the family house, he was accused of being “bad luck” and the cause of his parent’s death.

When Johnny father was alive, he was a good man and helped many people within and outside the family. Life became so hard that Johnny had no choice than to “cap in hand” on the neighboring streets. Eventually, the streets became his dwelling place. Life on the streets was not as easy as Johnny imagined. During the night, Johnny had to sleep under a dilapidated kiosk and old buildings. Sometimes, he had to compete for a place to sleep during rainy days. Since all the dry grounds were already occupied. Despite all the agonies Johnny was going through, he never gave up.

Six years of difficult times and suffering passed. Johnny is now fourteen years of age. He had moved on from the tragedy that happened to his parents. He was metamorphosing into a man now. Life became more difficult and complicated.
One early morning, Johnny was walking on the streets in frustration. A certain woman approached him and asked what the matter was? Johnny narrated his sad story to the woman. The woman comforted Johnny and promised to take good care of him. She suggested Johnny come and live with her, thus adopting him as her son. Johnny thought deeply about what the woman told him. He reflected on the six wasteful years spent on the streets. He said to himself, “after all, I will get a place to sleep and a good food to eat”. Eventually, he agreed to live with the woman as her son.

Madam Lena was a trader and had no children. When she was eighteen years of age, she had an abortion. The Doctor was “quake” so he got her womb perforated. This bad experience made Madam Lena bitter. Hence, it was difficult for someone to live with her due to her ill treatment. She had been a “thorn in the flesh” of anyone she lived with.
Johnny was humble and an obedient boy. He did whatever Madam Lena asked him to do. But he was not aware of the ill treatment of Madam Lena. The people in the neighborhood were surprised of how Madam Lena and Johnny had coexisted peacefully without any squabbles. Some said, “She has now found someone who pleased her heart”. Some jokingly dubbed the relationship between Madam Lena and Johnny as the “perfect partner”.

After six peaceful months, Madam Lena started complaining bitterly and found faults in whatever Johnny does. Johnny tried his best not to fall into the temptation of exchanging words with Madam Lena. Sometimes, the woman refuses to give him food, but Johnny endured the suffering. One evening, Johnny had a very bad fever and couldn’t wake up early from the bed. Madam Lena got angry that Johnny was still in bed as at 6 am in the morning. She started beating Johnny and poured a peppered water on him without asking him the reason why he was still in bed. These unbearable treatments happened for several times. Johnny had no choice than to go back to the streets again. His friends made a mockery of him when he went back to the streets. They nicknamed him “Johnny bad luck”.

Despite all the difficulties Johnny went through, he was an honest person. One rainy evening as he hopelessly walks on the streets, he came across a bag containing thousands of Dollars. Johnny kept the money safe, hoping that the owner will come for it. Three days later, he saw a beautiful car going to and fro on the streets. He realized they were up to something. As the car drew closer to him, he became scared, but gathered some courage and stood on his grounds. In the car was a very worried man, called Mr. Thomas. He asked Johnny whether he had seen a bag containing money on the streets or not? Johnny asked the man to describe the bag, the man described exactly what the bag was and the things in it. Without hesitation, Johnny retrieved the bag from the secret hiding place and handed it over to Mr. Thomas.

The man was amazed at Johnny’s honesty. Due to Johnny’s honesty, the man adopted him as his son, provided him with quality education and as well as made him the manager of his Oil and Gas Company (Golden Oil and Gas Company Limited). Johnny was honest and loyal to the man. Johnny became a successful businessman and the heir of Mr. Thomas’s Company after he passed on.

Madam Lena, Johnny’s adopted mother who maltreated him got kidney problems due to excessive alcoholism and was hospitalized. Johnny visited her at the hospital and paid for her medical bills. Madam Lena apologized to Johnny for her wrongdoings. Unfortunately, after some few months, Madam Lena pass away.

Johnny went back to the streets to look for his old friends but found none. He met new faces. Johnny was disheartened about what he saw on the streets. So he built schools and provided free education for all the street children. He brought hope to children who were also faced with the same challenges he went through during his childhood days. Johnny became a national hero.

Moral lesson:

No matter the challenges and difficulties you are going through, be honest and never lose hope. Challenges they say make life interesting; overcoming them make life meaningful. Do not look down upon people when they are in a difficult situation. Try as much as you can to help them rise.



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  1. Emefa says:

    It pays to be honest. Nice story and a great lesson dear.


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