Anger is part of humans. In one way or the other, everyone has gotten angry before. Therefore, anger is inevitable. But, what matters the most is your reactions when you are angry.

Sometimes, anger can result in something good. Especially, when you are fighting for a good course. But mostly, some people fail to control it. Which eventually leads to chaos. A lot of great people failed to accomplish their goals due to anger. Anger has destroyed the charisma, courage, and peace of many great men and women. A lot of people lost their lives because of excessive anger. Anger has led many people astray. Anytime they open their mouth to speak, what comes out of it is furry.

“One who controls his anger saves himself from the greatest destruction.” – Ibrahim S. Emmanuel

“He who speaks peace cures himself from anger.” – Ibrahim S. Emmanuel

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one” – Benjamin Franklin

No matter how bad your anger is, something can be done about it. It’s easy to get angry, but be slow to react. Let peace be the embodiment of your soul. Beware of anger; wear a positive attitude


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