So many people have given up because of the failures and disappointments in life.


Failures and disappointments are inevitable. life is meaningless without challenges. The fact that you failed doesn’t mean you are useless.


Mohammed Ali once said “the bigger the battle, the sweeter the victory.”

Mohammed Ali是世界上最伟大的拳击手之一,他曾经说过:“战斗越大,胜利越甜蜜。”

Challenges they say make life interesting, but overcoming them makes life meaningful. Don’t focus on the troubles that come on your way. Keep going until you reach your destination.


When a tree is cut down, it grows new branches. The new branches grow more beautiful.


Be optimistic! Even a tree grows again when it is cut down. If you persevere, you will win! Don’t give up!


The Positive Mind; Unlimiting Our Limitations!

Seidu Emmanuel Ibrahim

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